Travel and Tourism

If your organization is in travel and tourism, you're a part of approximately 10% of the world’s GDP: Your voice should resonate as a vibrant contributor to the global economy and benefit from global tourism economy that surrounds us.

IPOs & Major Capital Funding

Part of the funding process is making sure your stakeholdersand investors know that your company is strong and committed to long term, sustainable growth. You need a solid communications strategy leading up to, and going beyond, the IPO.

Global Communications Networks

Whether your company is just spreading its international wings or if your public relations firm has a client with international needs, finding the right partner abroad is crucial to your success in driving media coverage, buzz and business. We can help.

Agency Business Development

PR firms wage a constant battle with resourcing. You want resources on hand for new business without draining your bottom line or affecting your existing clients. I can help your firm win new business and bridge the resourcing gap.

The Press Release is Dead. Or is it?

The Press Release is Dead. Or is it?

This week, I saw that MarketWired (a company with a focus on distributing press releases) issued a blog post titled “Is the press release dead?”, which is sort of like IHOP putting out a blog post asking “Is pancake eating a thing of the past?”. The “death of the press release” story has practically become…

From LinkedIn – Netfunning: 12 Trusty Networking Tips

From LinkedIn – Netfunning: 12 Trusty Networking Tips

Today on Upright, we’re spreading the word beyond the blog. To celebrate LinkedIn’s expansion of contributed content, I wrote this piece on networking, proving that just because it’s necessary, doesn’t mean networking has to be a necessary evil. Read it here.   Photo Credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Compfight cc